Elections in 2015

There are a number of elections across Africa scheduled for 2015 and Africa Integrity Insights will examine a selection of these over the next two weeks. As an introduction to the upcoming publications we have compiled a list of countries where elections are set to take place in 2015, including the scheduled date (when available) and the type of election.

  • Burkina Faso: Presidential (November)
  • Burundi: Legislative and Presidential (26th May & 26th June)
  • Chad: Parliamentary (Date TBC)
  • Cote d’Ivoire: Presidential (October)
  • Egypt: Legislative (Reportedly before end of March)
  • Ethiopia: General (24th May)
  • Guinea: Municipal and Presidential (Date TBC)
  • Lesotho: General (February)
  • Libya: Presidential (Date TBC)
  • Mali: Municipal (April)
  • Mauritius: Parliamentary (May)
  • Niger: Parliamentary (Date TBC)
  • Nigeria: General (14th February)
  • Somaliland: General (Date TBC)
  • South Sudan: General (9th July)
  • Sudan: General (2nd April)
  • Tanzania: General (October)
  • Togo: Presidential (March)
  • Zambia: Presidential (20th January)

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